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Suni's Picture Gallery:

This page is to honor Suni and those who have also fallen to Hemangiosarcoma.


Suni Team USA

July 4, 1996 - January 25, 2007

Friends of Suni who have donated in her honor:
Elliot Kaplan, Alexis Chapman, Vicki King, Ken Bain, Debbie Strieter, Charles and Cynthia Hollingsworth, Vicki Campbell, Evelyn Williams, Franasca McDonald, Joy Williams, Jenny Addie , Amy Stclair, Mary Beseda, Laura Klein, Mr. and Mrs. Guernsey, Ray and Vicki Ramsey, Randy and Melody Dixon, Judy Michael, Mariko, Marilyn Barrett, Donna Marshall, Eileen Haworth, Deborah Goodhart, Ellie Bruni, Susan and Michael Tovino, Sarah and Hugh Fitzell, Brian Ferrand, Ralph and Beth Johnson, Tinna Brown, Regina Baureis, Mary Ann and Jonathan Wurst, Richard and Elinor Bruni, Evonda Waring, Margala Myrick, Judith Brick, Leila Nelson, Kathryn Kelly, Nancy Faye Edwards, Nancy Heffron, Keya Castranes, Lyanne vonTrapp, Stephanie Cuillier, Christa Beauchat, Donna Deiss, Threresa Geffre, Terri Lee, Shirley Russell, Lori Stevenson, Holly Jordan, Karen Erz, Theresa Kvjana, Monica Wilson, Mistsue Yamashiata, Robin Eagleson, Susan Knox, Debbie Perry, Dog On-It - Tony, Jarmo and Tiina Kivinen

In Memory of:
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Duncan Nice
Sonora's Mr. Nice Guy, RN
April 25, 2001 to March 22, 2008
Donations have been made to the Suni Fund in honor of Duncan by:
Sara and Gary Nice, pet parents
Layne Kizler, Travel Hounds
Ronnie and Marilee @ Beans, Books and Barks, Tip Jar Donation
Brian @ Phoenix Area Disc Dogs and the other PHADDy's

Suni's Career